Food Logan airport

Food at Boston Airport: terminal A and terminal B

If you’re at the Boston airport and you’re hungry, you can choose from a huge list of places to grab a bite to eat. The number of restaurants, cafes and bars is in the dozens. There are both classic catering establishments and specialized ones. For example, some restaurants focus on seafood, sweets, meat dishes. Of course, there are fast food restaurants too. It is a great option if you are late for your flight.

Restaurants and cafes can be found in all terminals. They are evenly distributed throughout the airport. Let’s look at examples of popular restaurants and cafes.

Food at Boston Airport: terminal A and terminal B

If your flight departs from one of these terminals, you can choose from over 30 cafes or restaurants. Below we will look at a few of them.

Legal Sea Foods. This is an American restaurant chain that, obviously, specializes in seafood. Here you can order dishes from shrimps, mussels, fish, oysters and so on. This is a truly legendary restaurant chain. This brand appeared on the food market in 1950.

Tawakal Halal Cafe. This restaurant specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. Customers speak very warmly about this restaurant, as here, according to them, authentic food can be found.
Starbucks. This coffee shop chain needs no introduction. There are over 32,000 Starbucks stores worldwide. This coffee is popular in 75 countries around the world. A distinctive feature of the coffee shop is a very large assortment. Here you can order both classic coffee and unusual options.

Auntie Anne’s. It is half cafe, half shop. A distinctive feature of this cafe is a large selection of pretzels. There are sweet and salty pretzels. In addition, visitors can buy kits for their own cooking.

Vino Volo. Adult travelers will love this place. Vino Volo is positioned as a wine bar and boutique. You can drink a noble drink here or buy a bottle to go.

Some other cafes and restaurants: Friendly’s, Harpoon, Dunkin’, La Baguette Marche, Waldwin Group, Sbarro, Temazcal, Otto.

Restaurants in Boston Logan Airport: terminal C and terminal E

Now let’s look at restaurants and cafes that are popular in this part of the airport.

Dine Boston Bar & Grille. Everything is clear from the name here. You can try a lot of dishes cooked on a real grill here. In addition, the restaurant is known for a large assortment of beer. Here are presented not only local drinks, but also foreign ones.

Wahlburgers. This is a famous chain of restaurants where you can order mainly burgers. The brand is owned by Paul Wahlberg. This is a chef who developed the concept of restaurants and philosophy by himself. By the way, Paul Wahlberg is the brother of the famous actor – Mark Wahlberg.

Durgin-Park is a legendary place. The brand appeared in 1827. You can order premium dishes, as well as beer. By the way, beer halls have only recently appeared in Durgin-Park.
Mija Cantina. This place is worthy of your attention if you like Mexican food. You can choose a dish from a large menu. In addition, this restaurant is known for a large assortment of original tequila.

Monica’s Mercato. This is an Italian restaurant. There is a wide range of meat and cheese dishes. Of course you can order pizza here. The restaurant invites you to try homemade pasta.
Whichever terminal in Boston Logan Airport you’re in, you’ll be able to find food that suits your taste. To make it easier for you to find your way to a restaurant, use the online map.