Terminals map of Boston Logan airport

Terminals map boston logan airport

This airport receives flights from 84 airlines. Companies use four terminals: A, B, C, E. Previously, there was also terminal D at this airport, but it was abolished, and the infrastructure was transferred to terminal C.

Only one terminal is dedicated to serving international flights. We are talking about terminal E. Terminals A, B, C are designed to work with domestic flights. The total number of gates in these four terminals reaches 102.

Let’s take a closer look at each terminal.

Terminals map logan airport

Terminal A in Logan Airport

In 2005, this facility was renovated and became accessible to passengers. The terminal consists of two parts: Satellite Concourse and The Main Terminal. These parts are different buildings that are connected by an underground walkway.,

The terminal consists of two levels.

Level 1 is for arrivals. Here you can find taxis, Logan Express, Shared Vans, Rental Car Center, shuttles.
Level 2 is used for departures. This location has a large number of services, including shoe shine, shops, ATM, and so on.
Some other services available to passengers: pet relief area, SmarteCarte, Duty Free, restaurants, cafes, currency exchange offices.
This terminal has two lounge areas. Both locations are organized by Delta Air Lines. These are classic lounges where you can, for example, have a bite to eat or order a full meal, drink an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, use wireless Internet, watch TV, read the press, use a printer and some other equipment.y

map boston logan airport

Terminals in Logan Airport: terminal B

This object also consists of two parts. We are talking about the South and North buildings.

As in the previous case, this terminal has two levels.

Level 1. Airline flights arrive here. Also, you can find baggage claim here. This level is divided between South and North buildings. You can move between locations with multiple walkways.

Level 2. This location is for departures and check-in.

The list of services is approximately the same as in the previous section. Separately, we note the hydration station and family restrooms.
There are two lounge areas here: United Airlines United Club and American Airlines Admirals Club. You need to know that each location has its own work schedule, so we recommend that you clarify this information in advance.

Terminal C

This terminal was built in 1967, but the facility has been renovated several times. In this case, there is no division into several parts.
The terminal has two levels.

Level 1. This is the arrivals area. Here you can find a parking office and a lot of transport: charter bus, taxi, express, shuttles. In addition, you can rent a car here.
Level 2. This location is for departures and check-in.

There are two lounges with simple names: The Lounge and USO Lounge. Recall that the use of lounges is paid. For example, in the case of The Lounge, the fare starts at $39 per person.

Boston Logan Airport international terminal (E)

As mentioned above, this is the only terminal at the airport that serves international flights.

The terminal has three levels.

  • Level 1. There are arrivals area and Border Protection.
  • Level 2. Departures are carried out at this level. This location is also used by US Customs and Border Protection.
  • Level 3. Here you can find departures area and check-in.

This terminal has 6 lounges from different airlines such as Emirates and Lufthansa.

If you have additional questions about terminals or Boston Airport gates, you can visit the airport’s official website or contact support.